Law Office of Nina Yablok

My Goal

My goal is to have clients who can sleep well at night. If they’re sleeping well, so am I.

My Mission

My mission is to integrate legal services into how you operate and manage your business. As an integral part of your business I will improve your bottom line. I do this by avoiding problems when possible, managing risks at a level acceptable to you, and providing you with the benefit of my 30 years of experience in business and law.

About Me

I don’t refer to myself as “Us” because when you hire the Law Office of Nina Yablok, you are hiring me. I have support staff, and use contract attorneys as “hired guns” when needed. But I’m a sole proprietor. You will always deal with me, and benefit from my 30+ years of experience.

My Clients

My clients are small and mid-size businesses who want an attorney who will pay close attention to their needs.

Many businesses get lost in large law firms. They are assigned to the new associate, and then get bounced around as the new associate moves up or out of the firm.

My clients want a seasoned attorney to personally oversee, and handle their work. They are not satisfied with the lack of responsiveness and level of service they’ve gotten at larger firms – not to mention the cost. In other words, they are tired of being small fishes in a big pond.