Sick Leave – Is your California Business Complying with the Paid Sick Leave Laws?

California Paid Sick Leave Are you compliant? In September 2015 all California employers, even the smallest ones, were required to give paid sick leave to employees.  The law allows two different programs. Under one program, you can have sick time accrue over time so very short term employees get very little paid sick time off. But under this program, the sick time carries over to future years to some extent.  The other program gives employees the full 3 days up front, but the days can’t be carried over. However, if you’re in Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Los Angeles, San Diego or Santa Monica you have special city laws with which to comply also. Here’s a link to a handy charge (as of December 2016) of the state and city laws concerning sick pay: California Chamber of Commerce Sick Leave Chart. I’d check back with that chart because other cities are bound to come up with new laws of their own.

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