Business Counselor

If you think of your business as your child or your passion, then I’m the right attorney for you.

Think about this: What if you got legal advice as you were making decisions, instead of after the fact?

After almost 40 years practicing business law, I know that the most effective and efficient way to help my clients is to integrate my services more closely with their regular day-to-day business activities. The form this takes can vary. With some clients it means attending monthly management meetings; for others it’s being included on certain internal email lists. We will figure out what works best with the way you do business.

To encourage a more proactive use of the services I offer, I charge less for certain preventive law work like attending board meetings, and drafting policies and procedures.

I care about my clients’ businesses as a good teacher or doctor might. Over the next few pages, I’ll talk about the stages your business will go through. See how I can help in each stage.