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Established in 1977

User-Friendly Tech and IP oriented Lawyer Admitted in California and Texas

I'm in Texas, but my clients are all over the U.S., and in fact, all over the world. I work virtually and have done so for about 20 years. I'm available by phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, email, IM, and text.

For Businesses, I'm a Plug & Play General Counsel

You know your business. But all that “legal stuff” can loom heavily in the shadows. It can be stressful and overwhelming. That's what I'm here for — to take away that stress and make the “legal stuff” easy. When you work with me you get the benefit of over 40 years’ experience and easy to understand, bottom-line oriented, advice.

I’m most efficient at prevent problems, not solving them. This can be done with realistic policies, guidelines and contracts that work with how you do business. Contracts should be part of your sale’s process and encourage closing deals. Balancing protecting my clients with not driving them out of business with burdensome contracts that no one will sign, or require lengthy legal review is one of my superpowers.

For In-House Counsel, I'm your outsourced transactional attorney who doesn't need to be trained.*

I have decades of experience and adore drafting and redlining agreements, especially IP licenses, SaaS, PaaS, and combined SaaS/PaaS agreements. Tell me your goals and set me free to tackle odd, rush, or complex projects. I flat rate when possible and I’m very quick. Having been outside general counsel for many clients, I deal with keeping costs down, and keeping deals moving. I’ll help you do that, too.

*I do ask that you assign a paralegal or associate to tell me your software, formatting, and language preferences. I log that for each client, so I only need to be told once.


Lili R.


Nina has been my company's attorney for more than 20 years, and I can't say enough good things about her. She is the most straightforward, honest and to-the-point attorney I've ever encountered. She has an amazing way of cutting through all the... ahem... BS, making complicated issues simple to understand and easy to address. She is a true treasure, and we don't know what we'd do without her.

Barbara H.


The Law Office of Nina Yablock has been our attorney for over 20 years. Nina and her staff have always provided our micro-size business timely and helpful assistance while keeping our legal expenses to a minimum. We also love that the team is available electronically no matter where they or we are located geographically.

Robin G.


I've worked with Nina for well over a decade, both related to my retail business and for my personal business issues. She applies her knowledge to addressing matters in a practical way, setting up straightforward written agreements where appropriate. One thing I appreciate about Nina is that she cuts to the core of the issues in plain English instead of endlessly examining minutiae. She clearly explains the pros and cons of each possible approach, so that I can make an informed decision. I highly recommend Nina to anyone needing legal assistance with business-related matters!

Paul B.


Nina has been a big help to us in starting Texas LDPC.

Patrick V


Nina was recommended by a friend to review business agreements. She did a great job and I have used her services for several years after that. I think she is a great business lawyer who understand business and provides great legal advice. I highly recommend her and would use her services again if needed in the future. Patrick Verta, MD, executive in the medical device industry.

Kim L.


I’ve worked with Nina professionally for the past 3 years and found her counsel and services to be of the highest caliber and extremely valuable. Nina is very experienced and understands the right level of legal expertise based on the need. She works well with many types of communication be it email, phone or text and she makes herself available when timely issues present themselves. If she needs added clarification or details, she is proactive in reaching out. I highly recommend The Law Office Of Nina Yablok!

TropicOptions M.


Nina Yablok taught Structuring Your Business and other important legal subjects to small owners for years at West Valley College's Small Business Institute in California. Her content and delivery were all perfectly understandable and she was consistently favorably reviewed by her clients and students. Additionally, my own businesses have benefited by her knowledge and wisdom as it pertains to trademarks and smart business decision-making. I know that her clients will continue to benefit from her no-nonsense approach and ability to simplify complex legalese. You can work on other aspects of your business while trusting the legal components to an extremely capable attorney, like Nina Yablok. MaryLea Balsley- Small Business Owner, Marketing Consultant and former Program Director for WVC Small Business Institute.

Leroy L.


I have had a long professional relationship with Nina and I can't recommend her highly enough. She has provided legal services starting in the early 90s when she was the attorney for Armadillo Systems. She did all the incorporation services as a "C" corp and guided us as we sold product to the UK Government, Many times in the ensuing years she has provided legal advice and services with respect to patents and intellectual property. She is currently working with my colleagues and I as we undertake yet another start-up adventure. She's the best at any price and her rates are such that normal people can afford her services.

Winnie C.


Nina has been our legal consular for more than 2 decades, cannot be more satisfied with her stellar services. Even she moved to Texas, we still continue to work with her and get the same quality of service!!

Keith R.


I was referred to Nina Yablok by a member of the Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) in 2002 and have used her services for all our legal work since. Our high-tech company uses Nina Yablok mostly for debt collections because she is really persistent. On her first assignment she collected 100% of a $30K debt. Yablok won a court judgement then pursued the reluctant client, eventually recovering the full amount owed. In another case, Nina achieved a successful debt collection despite significant pushback from the debtor. We also use the Law Office of Nina Yablok to draft hardware consulting and software licensing agreements for special projects. The fees are reasonable, Nina is easy to communicate with and we highly recommend the services.

Marie M.


I’m very happy to recommend Nina Yablok’s services. Over two decades, Nina has been unfailingly organized, focused, always ready for the needs of the moment. Besides her professional knowledge and business skills, Nina takes care to incorporate the particular needs and interests of her client into account. Our professional relationship stretched between two coasts, and yet the connection has never felt remote.

Es V.


We have worked with Nina for more than six years dealing with a diverse set of issues for our small business. She has strategized with us to deal with a change of partners, new hires and fires, new employment laws, salary negotiations and other small matters. She does not nickel and dime us and that is what we really like about her and recommend her highly to anyone starting a business. What a lot of issues we would have bypassed had we hired her BEFORE we set up shop! She brings so much experience to the table; we now call her for any questions - even non legal ones. She has a wide network of experienced professionals she can refer. She is upfront, honest and fair to all parties concerned.

john R.


I worked with Nina for about 2 1/2 years as the GM of PJ Media. I finally retired, so not any more opportunity to work together any more. Nina was very responsive, and always delivered on her time and budget commitment. I can highly recommend Nina for any legal work.

Ed R.


I asked Nina to help me with a commercial litigation issue. She gave me excellent advice, asked intelligent questions and gave informed answers . When she couldn't answer a question, she was up front and honest about it, and always offered up a resource that she thought would have the right answer. Invariably, they always did! She has also referred me to other attorneys when she wasn't able to help me herself, and not only introduced me to these new contacts but followed up with me to see if they were the right person for the job. She's done great by me!

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