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Some people think small businesses are just large businesses with less money. At The Law Office Of Nina Yablok in College Station, TX we know they are different. Please note: I have to keep saying The Law Office of Nina Yablok and College Station or Bryan or some city name, or Google won’t find me. Apologies for that.


I know that owning a business is very personal, and I never forget that your business is made up of your dreams and your efforts.

Think about this: What if you got legal advice as you were making decisions, instead of after the fact?

After almost 40 years practicing business law, I know that the most effective and efficient way to help my clients is to integrate my services more closely with their regular day-to-day business activities. The form this takes can vary. With some clients it means attending monthly management meetings; for others it’s being included on certain internal email lists. We will figure out what works best with the way you do business.

I can help with:

  • Choosing a business entity
  • Hiring and Firing employees
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Website TOU and Privacy Policies (actual serious ones)
  • Technology Licensing Agreements
  • Investment Documents (SAFEs, Series Seed and Series A Deals)
Take Some of the Stress Out of Owning a Business

My job I to make sure that the “legal stuff” isn’t keeping you awake.  Call The Law Office Of Nina Yablok in College Station, TX today to set up an appointment so that I can go over all of the important issues together.


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Law Office of Nina Yablok
Law Office of Nina Yablok