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Here’s what I love, what gets me into that zone where I forget to eat lunch: complicated technology and intellectual property agreements. Working in Silicon Valley for 40+ years I represented quite a few tech-oriented companies. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of drafting quite a few agreements for them, and ultimately, I realized that this is what I love most about my practice.

I’ve also been told by clients who’ve come from big firms, and by attorneys in big firms who I’ve worked with (or against), and by in-house counsel I’ve worked with that I’m very responsive, quick and good.

So, I am now offering my services to in-house counsel who would like to outsource some transactional chores involving technology and IP agreements to someone who knows their way around the tech world.

I am used to parachuting into situations and hitting the ground, at least walking quickly, if not running.* If appropriate, I work with your paralegals and associates so my work can be most easily incorporated into your department’s workflow. But if need be, I have great outsourced help I can call in to reduce costs.  I’ve been ongoing, outside general counsel responsible for keeping legal costs in line and for keeping deals from bogging down for decades. I feel your pain and try to ease it.

I am familiar with using AI to jump start, fill in those awkward “I know there’s a better way to say this” problems, and format, merge or proof documents. But I’ve never been asked to take the Turing test – so by using my services you’re getting bespoke, quality, creative lawyering.


*  If you ask, I’ll tell you about being hired by a tech startup that had already received the first draft of investment docs for a $5million, part-cash part-crypto, seed round from the lead investor’s attorney. I didn’t slow the deal down. I never do.


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