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Hi, I’m Nina Yablok. I’m a WYSIWYG attorney. I’m not a law firm – I’m me. I’m not a partner who will hand you off to an associate – I’m me.

But sometimes someone else can help you better than I can. I play well with other attorneys, and have a long list of referral attorneys for matters beyond my capabilities. Additionally in October 2022 I entered into an “of counsel” relationship with Joe Kraft who works out of College Station, Texas. Please see below for what this means.

Law Office of Nina Yablok
Law Office of Nina Yablok

When I went to law school I spent about 20 seconds considering other fields of law and rejected them all in favor of business law. Oh, and, interesting but irrelevant fact, I drove a cab in NYC while in Law School, When I graduated I moved to California – Silicon Valley to be exact. I was admitted to practice law in California in 1977.

In 2016, my husband and I left California and bought our house in North Texas and I was admitted to the Texas bar. I still represent my clients who are in California and elsewhere.

I love business law. I love technology and intellectual property contracts a lot. I love helping people start and grow businesses. That’s why I do this.

If you think most business attorneys are all stuffed suits or aggressive Gordon Gekko wannabes, you may be right. But I’m not like that. I’m approachable, irreverent, funny, casual and really, really good at what I do. I also know what I don’t do well, and can refer my clients to someone who can handle those things.

Although most of my work is done virtually, I do have satellite offices in Bryan/College Station and Fort Worth in Texas because Google, being an Internet oriented company, requires a physical address for a listing.  But I rarely use them.

You’ll notice some pictures on this site of my laptop in different locations. Because I know that availability is something important to my clients, I work wherever I am. I worked when my husband was in the hospital, and I work on vacation.  And I go on cruises only on ships with excellent Wi-Fi.

About Joe Kraft, Of Counsel

College Station, Texas based attorney Joseph Kraft and I have an “of counsel” relationship. Of counsel refers to a close, regular, continuing relationship between attorneys who refer back and forth between each other as appropriate. Our arrangement allows Joe to provide his clients with the benefit of my experience, where needed; and allows me to provide my clients the benefit of Joe’s lower rates where appropriate.

As a practical matter, this now means I no longer need to refer out work that previously might not have been cost effective for the client. I’m thrilled to have found someone I can trust with my clients. Joe is only admitted to practice in Texas while I continue to maintain my bar memberships in both California and Texas. I will never bring Joe in to handle any of my clients’ work without their permission.


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Law Office of Nina Yablok
Law Office of Nina Yablok