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Plug & Play General Counsel For Start-Ups

Starting a new business?

I can help. I’m happy to sit down (without the timer running) to discuss your plans and what you might need in terms of legal services. There is no charge for a general discussion like this. Topics that are usually covered include:

  • Choice of business format (corporation, LLC, etc.);
  • Business names and trademarks
  • Time tables and costs

New business owners often have questions about funding their business. No matter how you’re funding your business, I can advise you and put you on a more equal footing with the money people. I have drafted and reviewed many types of loan and investment documents and can help you understand your risk-benefit analysis in:

  • SAFE notes
  • Seed and Series A deals
  • Warrants and Restricted Stock
  • Alternative funding transactions

There can be huge risks taking on investors, even if you’re using the “SAFE” documents. Make sure you understand the strings that come with money. Call me and I’ll let you know if I can help you.


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Law Office of Nina Yablok
Law Office of Nina Yablok